Back Country Trail, Gulf State Park

image In September we went for a morning  hike on the Back Country Trail in the Gulf State Park in Orange Beach.

The trail is paved so it can be enjoyed by cyclists and hikers. It was a perfect place for us to give hiking a try.

The weather was great and the scenery was absolutely beautiful. We took the Gulf Oak Ridge portion of the trail. This portion had an alligator habitat and was through an area with large oaks with hanging Spanish Moss that provided the perfect canopy to keep us out of the sun.
The girls did great. They loved seeing the alligator habitat, even though we didn’t see an alligator.

There were a few swings and benches along the trail so they took advantage of those when they needed a break. The trails were well maintained so we felt comfortable letting the girls explore and check out the trees and flowers around the trail. We were surprised to discover that there were very nice restrooms with water fountains along the trail.
IMG_20150919_0939323_rewind.jpgThese trails do not loop so we were observant of the mile markers along the trail. We circled back when we felt we had gone as far as we needed for every one to have plenty of energy for the walk back.

There were quite a few people on the trail the morning we visited. Most were cyclists. Everyone was very friendly and quick to offer a smile and a “good morning” as they passed.

Perfect experience for our first family hike.



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