Dismal Canyon in Phil Campell, Alabama


This month we went to Dismal Canyon in Phil Campell, Alabama. The park is privately owned and operated but is registered as a National Natural Landmark. There is a 1.5 mile trail along the bottom of the canyon floor that features waterfalls, beautiful plants, trees that seem to reach to the sky, and the amazing rocks and boulders that make up the canyon. The hike was amazing. This place was so beautiful and peaceful. The day we went was a cool, deary day but we were sheltered from the wind inside the canyon. The trail wasn’t advanced but in some areas it was not easy either so we took our time. I was very proud of the girls as they carefully watched their steps and climbed up and down rocks and across streams. It was great to see them start off a little unsure, then to saying “look I’m doing it”, to finally seeing them smile as they reached the top.


After our hike we decided to have lunch and relax. Dismal Canyon has a country store with a cafe.We choose to eat inside but they had a large deck and outdoor fireplace where you could eat outside that looked nice. The food was really good, we even got dessert.


It was a great place to spend the day. Everything was clean and well maintained, the staff was super friendly and the canyon was amazing. We will definitely go back again.


To see the pictures from our trip click on the gallery below.


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