Cheaha State Park, Alabama State Parks

Cheaha 2
In November we took at day trip to Cheaha State Park. The Alabama State Parks are currently in a financial crisis. Multiple parks have had to close and make cutbacks. One of the best ways to help is to visit the parks so we planned a daytrip. At 2,407 feet above sea level, Cheaha is the highest point in Alabama. The park was absolutely beautiful, especially with the fall foliage. We were suprised that the park had quite a variety of things for us to do.We started out by visiting the CCC museum and climbing to the top of the observation tower.IMG_20151114_1006492_rewindIMG_20151114_1007278_rewind


Hiking was the main reason we went to Mt. Cheaha and the trails did not disappoint us. We hiked two of the three trails on our visit. IMG_20151114_1044467_rewindWe did the Bald Rock Trail first. This trail has the option of walking the boardwalk or the original trail that runs along side the boardwalk. We choose to walk the boardwalk down and then walk the original trail on the way back. This was an easy, short trail that offered some amazing views. It was the more popular trail so it was more crowded.


After Bald Rock Trail, we did the Pulpit Rock Trail. This was our favorite. It was a little more difficult because there is a steep hill that you have to go down (and back up) at the trail head but it was more of a traditional hiking trail. It was less crowded and we basically had the trail to ourselves. The views were amazing and it was nice to have the experience to ourselves and to be able to take our time and enjoy the views.

IMG_20151114_1146489_rewindThere is a third trail but it was long and rated as  difficult. By this point in the day we didn’t think starting a long, more difficult trail would be a good idea. They are working on a forth trail that is set to open soon so maybe we can go back and do the other two trails next year.
During our visit , We also visited the restaurant, Indian Relic Museum and the camp store. Everything we encountered were great!

To see more pictures from our trip see the pictures below.


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