Pop Up Camper Remodel- Curtains and Cushion Covers


Remodel 3 with LogoWhen we purchased our Pop Up Camper we knew we wanted to update it. We do not want to take on a full remodel all at once so We have decided to update things in stages.

The curtains and cushions in the camper were dated and just not our style. We knew those areas have the most impact on the appearance so We decided they would be the first project.Remodel with Logo 1

Since we are camping with children we decided to go with an “Adventure” theme. This would be fun for our young children but still modern for my husband and I.

The existing valance was a solid grey and in good condition so We picked out two fabrics in a duck canvas that would compliment the grey valance. The older curtains were used as a pattern to make the new ones. They are lined with energy efficient black out lining. To hang the curtains, We sewed rings along the top of the curtains. Then attached command hooks to the existing attachment pieces to hang the curtains on.

The cushion covers were made with light weight cotton and are designed like a fitted sheet. They slip on over the existing cushions and have elastic gathered in the back to hold them in place. We choose this style because we knew that traveling with small children the cushion covers would have to be washed often. This style  and fabric type allows us to easily take them off and wash them.

We are very happy with the changes we have made so far. The new curtains and cushion covers make the camper fun and inviting. The black out lining keeps the sun out much better.

To see some of the products we have used in the remodeling of our Pop Up Camper go to our Amazon Store.


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