Natchez Trace Travels Day 2

IMG_20160320_1007118_rewindWe spent our first full day of our trip exploring the Natchez Trace. We started out driving up Church Hill Loop from the south end. Church Hill Loop is an alternative 12 mile route that runs alongside  Natchez Trace milepost 10.3 to milepost 2o.  It features privately owned antebellum homes, Christ Church and cemetery, and Wagner’s Store. We loved thisIMG_20160320_1140269_rewind area. Christ Church was absolutely beautiful.

When we got back on the Natchez Trace we found a spot and had a picnic. That is one great thing about The Natchez Trace. There are picnic areas and bathrooms along the way. We had lunch overlooking a creek in a field. It was great!

After lunch we made our way down to Mount Locus.
There was alot to look at in this one area. We checked out the inn and then we walked the trails around the house. This was a favorite on our trip.
IMG_20160320_1105356_rewindOur last big stop for the day was at the Potkopinu Trail. This is the longest portion of “sunken trace”.

By this time of the day we were hungry so we headed into Natchez and had dinner at The Camp which is located in the Natchez Under the River area.

To see all of our pictures from this day, click the images below.



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