Downtown Ellijay, Georgia

IMG_1327A few times a year my husband and I go on a trip by ourselves. We dislike overcrowded, touristy places so when I heard about North Georgia and the town of Ellijay, Georiga we gave it a chance.  It had the perfect combination of nature and things to do that we were looking for. Ellijay did not disappoint.  W fell in love with this area and felt right at home in this little town.

The downtown area has a unique vibe filled with friendly people, tasty restaurants, antique stores and boutiques.
My husband needed a haircut so we visited the barber shop downtown. It feels like a step back in time when you walk through the door. It looks as though it hadn’t changed since the day it opened.  Not only did he get a haircut but we got to talk with the locals about their little town and get suggestions on what to see and do. IMG_1329

We love coffee so we were excited to visit The Martyn House Coffee Shop. The coffee was great and the atmosphere was even better. We were able to settle into a little table and just enjoy our surroundings.
We enjoyed few good meals in Ellijay.

One of my favorite meals was dinner at 1907. The food and service was amazing. They had live entertainment that evening so that was an additional treat. It was nice to just sit and relax.

We also enjoyed lunch at The River Street Tavern. This place was packed during our visit. Once we got our food we could see IMG_1455why.

One of the main things we noticed about Ellijay, Georgia was how friendly the people were. They took pride in making their town the best it could be. They seemed to be truly happy we were visiting their town and wanted us to feel welcomed.


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